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Visual System


My initial exploration of mood and color for this topic had two directions. One adressed the background problem of violence and children. Since there is nothing more sad and dark than violence against children, I chose to use dark tones of black and greys with neutral tones and photography representing the human aspect I wanted to capture.

In contrast, for the other color palette, I chose desaturated pastel tones that gave the audience a feel of calmness, composure and balance. Since I am talking about character building, the skills that help children manage their emotions and help them become calm individuals I chose to work with this palette. The tones would resonate with adults and not make it look childlike.

It was important to pick a palette that was not too childlike since. I was addressing adults. The visual language helped maintain the seriousness of the topic through its sober tones of photography still keeping the playful elements of interest.

I used illustrations and graphic elements that interact with the photography to bring in a playful tone of voice. My main intention of taking this approach was to include the voice of children, thats unique and surprising into a topic that will address adults.


As I worked more on the project I eventually refined the visual system and made some changes to it. The colors and illustrations worked well so I kept them. I decided to get rid of the typeface DinPro or have minimal usage for it. That is because Din gives a very technical and structured look while my project demands a more organic look since it was a children's project. I decided to stick with Meta for body copy and headlines, and have caecilia as my secondary type that would give the certain structure it needed.

After few more iterations here is the visual system as of now.

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