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Whipsaw is an Industrial Design and Engineering consulting firm that specializes in creating meaningful, unique and successful products and brand experiences for many diverse industries including consumer electronics, medical, soft goods, housewares, and business products. Their design solutions aim to support their client’s business objectives, with a goal to increase revenue, improve market position, and enhance value.




Whipsaw positions itself as an industry leader and visionary with a keen eye for solving complex design problems for their clients, creating brands and products that would define the future. Precision, ingenuity, collaboration, simplicity and sophistication describes their visual language and communication goals. Whipsaw believes that successful products are born when we humanize technology by imbuing it with personality and soul. 

"When you let the human experience inform your solution, and realize that design is
just an encounter between objects and emotions, you can really facilitate innovation."

Website Redesign

Whipsaw imagines a world in which all the things we make, use and consume, contribute to inspire people in some way. The new Whipsaw website is open, minimal and inviting, using beautiful, often mysterious product photography —making these unique products and features really be the hero and speak for themselves. The vibrant pops of color adds a fun personality to the brand, drawing attention to the dynamic and exciting stories behind creating these products.

"Usually there’s a hidden gem of function, meaning or essence within

a product or experience that just needs to be brought out and celebrated.

Your job as a designer is to find it and give it a voice.” —DH

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