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Wallpaper Magazine*
Limited Edition Cover



Each month, Wallpaper* Magazine offers a leading creative figure to design a limited-edition cover. The June 2021, Innovation Issue was a tribute to designer, entrepreneur and founder of fuseproject, Yves Behar's amazing journey in design. Learn more about this Issue.


The cover was an attempt to showcase the many memorable products created by Yves and his journey behind them. Early sketches juxtaposed with detailed shots of the product, a pattern, a texture, a unique signature
of his creations not only shows the breadth of work but is a celebration of the transformative power of design. The cover was designed for print and created as an animated piece, revealed exclusively on Wallpaper’s digital platforms, as a sneak-peek of Yves's monograph Designing Ideas.

Studio: Fuseproject

Team: Yves Behar, Tina Hardison


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