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Spry Health was created with a mission to help chronically ill patients receive proactive care and help them stay out of the hospital.

Spry Health

Nestlé Health Science



Nestlé Health Science's Celltrient™ works in sync with your body's natural cellular processes to help transform how your cells perform with age to help them keep up with you. 


The brief was to build a recognizable ingredient brand that would indicate a cellular nutrition component present in several popular Nestlé branded products. The brand may also appear independently on supplement bottles and sachets. 

We took a clean, modern and playful approach inspired by how a variety of cellular nutrient work together to rejuvenate you from inside out. The circular element and subtle gradient was an abstract approach to cellular enhancement. The colors represent the family of benefits under Celltrient. The photography style is honest and approachable making the brand look fresh, nutritious and delicious. 



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