Prealize powers proactive healthcare, connecting tomorrow’s predictive insights to today’s most effective actions. They empower health plans, employers, and providers to see around the corner by predicting the what, why, and when of future risk so that more people can live healthier lives.
By using machine learning to transform healthcare from reactive to proactive, Prealize identifies next year’s new high cost members before
a high cost event occurs and work with clinician teams to precisely target interventions that improve quality of care and contain costs.


In a complex system of infinite moving pieces, Prealize brings confident clarity and completes the healthcare puzzle. We built the brand around their data driven mission, commitment to health, pioneering curiosity, and pragmatic honesty. The mark is bold, streamlined, and powerful in its restraint. A minimal and bold color palette, black and white imagery and simple messaging ties these concepts together, resulting in a system that feels conducive to the impact focussed outcomes that Prealize offers to the healthcare space.

Team members: Michael Schnepf, Naomi Kwon

+1 (415) 335-9984

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