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Science of Feel



Science of Feel is a product development philosophy. It is a system of innovative Hero Elements like fabrics, construction techniques, and technologies that are unique to lululemon. The brief was to create a brand that sits within the larger lululemon brand and speaks to the products that incorporate these special innovations. 


When you feel your best, you perform your best. This is the human truth that powers all innovation. Every feature designed, every fabric created, every sensation engineered, it's all done with one purpose: To unlock your full potential. Our team developed the Science of Feel brand that would appear across multiple products, channels and campaigns. We also designed and deployed key visuals, brand elements and messaging for three global campaigns that launched two new product franchises using their fastest drying fabric: Everlux.

SoF System.png
Attribute set.png
Attribute Grid.png

The attributes are illustrated with a six-spoke, seven-layer grid that feels scientific and crafted in a very systemized way. The dot pattern signifies the fabric, and the lines shows an action or function. Together they illustrate the attribute. In their static form stroke width and dot size is consistent, but when animated these values can change to communicate movement.

Swiftly 2.0
Anti-Stink campaign

Don’t think about stink.


Think about activating your core. Think about post-workout smoothies. Or how you need to keep it up just a little bit longer. Think about your quads burning. Or how you look in mint green. Think about how you'd personally broker a peace treaty between warring factions on a disputed border. Because when you wear Swiftly Tech 2.0 you never have to worry about stink, chafing, or being too busy for laundry day again. You're free to think about whatever it is you think about when you're not distracted by your gear. In this campaign we worked with ambassadors to demonstrate the benefits—both seriously scientific and fun/helpful—of wearing workout apparel that eliminates the annoyance and discomforts of stink, chafing, and other common distractions.

Swiftly 2.0 Homepage.png
Swiftly_CDP Banner.png
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