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Slingshot Rebrand



The country is more polarized than ever. Political and cultural divisions prevent us from understanding one another, even within our own communities. Developed by the non-profit Cortico, the Local Voices Network (LVN) is a unique physical-digital network designed to bring under-heard community voices, perspectives and stories to the center of a healthier public dialogue.



LVN is built on the idea of community powered understanding. 
Our mission is to foster conversation in communities and in the media that reflects our common humanity and improves our understanding of one another. We envision a country connected through more civil and empathic public discourse. LVN's identity is confident and proud, emphatically underlined by an ‘L’ and ‘V’ that form an energetic speech bubble. 

Team members: Michael Schnepf

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Slingshot_Brand Guidelines_0125202123.png
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